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sry i havent updated in such a long time [Jun. 25th, 2006|09:04 pm]
Starving to Survive
[mood |productive]
[music |what music, my ipod is charging right now!]

it has been crazy! everything has fallen apart and i wasnt quite sure how to fix any of it. until now that is. i have moved back in with my mother temporarily. for some goodness awful reason that house gives me the security i need to restrict and not feel scared of being caught. maybe it is because i restricted for so long in that house. that i did it so easily and no one said anything to me. im honestly not sure. but i know that by becoming a recluse there i can establish the proper footing for dieting again. i long for the feeling of complete control over myself. the satisfaction i get when i have acomplished my goal weight. this is another start to more sucess, a thinner me.