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Starving to Survive

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Survey [Jun. 30th, 2006|03:50 pm]
Starving to Survive
Name: Staysail
Age: 22
What ED do you have: Ana
How long: 5 years, then was forced into treatment and gained weight over the last 2 years, now I'm fat and miserable and Ana has secretly been introducing herself into my life again.
Strait/Bi/Gay: Straight
Status: Single
Favorite Bands: Kiss, Neil Diamond, Janis Joplin, Imogen Heap, Gravy Train, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Reading?: Normal Girl - Molly Jong Fast
Sex?: Yes, but I'm too fat for that right now.
Drugs?: Coke, Marijuana, E.
Smoking?: Yes
*Current: 197 lbs
*Heighest: 221 lbs
*Lowest: 98 lbs
*Short term goal: 170 lbs
*Long term goal: 100 lbs

I'm new. To this community and Livejournal. I'm slipping into Ana again and I want some support to make her stay. I'm tired of this and what treatment has done to me. Obviously everyone that I know knows my past and so whenever I say I'm not hungry or decline food, they judge that. I think they're starting to figure it out. I need some good lies and ways to stop their questioning. Help me.