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Starving to Survive

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new. [Aug. 29th, 2006|09:45 pm]
Starving to Survive


[mood |determined]
[music |against all odds - the postal service]

Name: Michelle.
Age: Fourteen.
Location: Clinton Twp. Michigan.
What ED do you have: Mia / ana.
How long: not long/
Strait/Bi/Gay: Straight
Status: Single
Favorite Bands: Party monster. Death Cab. Action Action.
Reading?: I read a lot
Sex?: virgin.
Drugs?: virgin.
Smoking?: second hand smoker.
*Current 135
*Heighest 140 (three or so days ago)
*Lowest 130.  
*Short term goal 120
*Long term goal 110
Extra: (like, can you lick your elbow?) Nope.

Does anyone have any purging tips? 
Or any tips to keep a high metabolism?

I heard green tea and cold showers work. 
I usually only purge in the shower to cover up the noise.
Plus it's a lot less suspicious.

Okay. I just want to say. I have been struggling with my weight since I was about 11ish. I've been 130 for the past three years. Suddenly this year (when i became extremely worried about my weight) I gained ten pounds.
I'm not sure if it's because being a vegetarian I wasn't eating enough, so I began to binge.
Plus I used to rollerblade every single day.
I don't want to be 130. But I would rather be that then 135.
I am never happy with my weight. I feel like a fat cow all the time.
As soon as the scale hit 140. I cried my eyes out. I was so depressed.
I was afraid to eat. I didn't want to eat.

I can keep this under control. All I need is a plan.
I want to keep my calorie consumption under 1000.
Which is a lot. But I'm kind of new at ana. 
I usually just throw up If I feel I ate too much, but I never counted my calories.
I know I know. 

Also. I don't want to pass out or anything while not eating.
Any tips?

If anyone has any tips on what to eat a day to keep it under 1,000 calories
that would help.